Cheers to Everyday!

5 / 26 / 2017

Sun’s out and you know what that means; time to bond with our family and friends over food (everyone’s fave, right?!), stories, and laughter!

Knowing how hectic our schedules can be, it’s normal for us to want a hassle-free bonding session / instant parties — be it at home or the great outdoors.

Recently, my friends and I couldn’t see each other as often due to our busy work schedule so during the long holiday, I brought my Cheers picnic set to one of the events we were attending. I knew they had an outdoor area so I thought; why not?

The picnic set includes everything I needed for an instant party — (1) Garbage bags (2) Napkins, and (3) Cutlery!

“Cheers is brand of quality hygienic napkins in all configurations, kitchen & paper towels and other party or get-together needs such as starch-based cutleries & trash bags.”

I’m not a “first-time user” of this brand; in fact, we also use it at home. What I like most about their products is the durability and affordability. Why pay for something that breaks easily? I get super annoyed everytime I’m in the middle of telling a story to my friend and my fork suddenly breaks in half! Or whenever I spill something and I need to use almost the entire ply of napkins… and find out there’s no garbage bin nearby. I don’t want to put myself in that very inconvenient situation especially when I’m sharing good moments with my loved ones.

Cheers makes every day special without killing our environment because these are all

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