Do Your Kids Have Their Sanicare Hygiene Kits?

4 / 21 / 2017

Anika’s entering Grade School for the first time this coming school year. I realized that she’s not a baby anymore because we just finished buying her the things she needs for school.

She now has this giant bag with a stroller where she can put all of her books, notebooks and folders. I also got her big girl school shoes. She also now has her lunch box because she will be now eating lunch in the school cafeteria.

We got na everything and then I remembered that I have yet to pack her hygiene kit.

Hygiene kits are very important especially to your kids who are going to school because you will not get to be with them to provide them with the things that they need to stay clean and well, hygienic. Hygiene kits make mommies less worry about their kids not having the right products to use when they are out of the house.

This is why I am very thankful for Sanicare for sending over a Sanicare Hygiene kit for Anika.

This Sanicare hygiene kit is a back to school essential for kids that includes products that can aide us, parents, in making sure our kids have well-maintained hygiene once the school year starts.

One of the things that I love about the Sanicare Hygiene Kit is that it is packed in this simple and portable zipped container that you can easily put in your kids bags. Siksik lang tayo ng siksik nitong kit na ito among our kids’ things. It is packed in a way that you can literally take it with you anywhere.

This Sanicare Hygiene Kit includes a Sanicare upSize tissue roll, Sanicare hankies, Sanicare cleansing wipes and the Sanicare Toilet Seat Cover.

The Sanicare upsize tissue roll is a two ply tissue with new embossed design making it stronger at the same cost. You know how we don’t want to use tissue papers that almost disintegrates mabasa lang ng konti. With the Sanicare tissue roll, you do not need to get plenty because it’s thick and strong. Makakatipid ka compared to the other tissue brands.

A pack of Sanicare hankies is also included. This is unscented which is perfect for Anika when she has colds. She can use this instead of blowing her nose using her cotton handkerchief.

Next is the Sanicare Cleansing Wipes which is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It doesn’t have parabens so it’s safe to use for your kids. It’s diamond pattern embossing makes it strong and it does not tear easily. We actually are already using this at home. Anika and I love its fresh scent. I use this to wipe Anika’s hands before and after eating. I can attest that it’s strong. Hindi siya basta basta napupunit also and you hands feel smoother after using it.

Lastly, which is I am most grateful for that it is included in the set, the Sanicare Hygiene Kit contains a pack of disposable toilet set covers. It’s not yet available in the market but we can get to try it along with the other Sanicare products in the kit.

The toilet seat cover is 100% biodegradable and you can throw it by flushing it in the toilets. I am very particular about Anika not sitting on public toilets. However, she cannot help to sit down if she needs to poop. Good thing may ganito na ang Sanicare. You can now not worry about your kids sitting down on dirty toilet bowls in school. Whew!

I highly suggest mommies that you pack a Sanicare Hygiene Kit in your kids’ school bags this coming school year. Winner siya eh. You can buy these kits in leading groceries and department stores nationwide.

For more information, you can email or you can check out their Facebook page ( and follow them on Instagram at @sanicare_ph.

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