Femme Travel Kit

4 / 21 / 2017

Femme Travel Kit is just perfect for, well, this travel season! This ready-to-go beauty hygiene essential contains 10 cotton round pads and 65 dual tip cosmetic buds, so you can touch up and clean your face wherever you go.

Here are 5 quick tips!

  1. Toner applicator. Wipe your face with toner before applying makeup using the cotton pad. Its flat surface is not only easy to use but it covers larger surface area too compared with cotton balls, saving you a great deal of time and effort!
  2. Cream applicator. Apply cream on the cotton pad before putting it on your face for a more hygienic approach
  3. Hair color applicator. Use the pointed cotton tip for precise application of hair color highlights or apply hair color on a specific area of your crown.
  4. Makeup applicator. Remove makeup mishaps on hard-to-reach areas of your eye area using the pointed cotton tip or use it to achieve perfect cat-eyes.
  5. Brow blender and shaper. Use the pointed tip to shape your eyebrows and blend two brow colors to create fuller, natural-looking brows.


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