Review: Sanicare Hygiene Kit

4 / 21 / 2017

What a June! I’ve been running around like a headless chicken (yes, they do that—I know this because I saw a headless chicken run with my own eyes) getting my first two kids ready for school every day. Vito is going to big school while Iñigo is going to little school. I’m so proud!

Just before school started, I got tired buying this and that, sewing this and that, labeling this and that, and wrapping this and that with plastic! Walang katapusan ang school preps pala! 

On one of my trips to the mall to buy lanyards and sticker labels, I was at the bookstore and found piles upon piles of hygiene/grooming/kikay/care kits for sale. Wow! So handy for moms like me! Except upon closer inspection, I realized that the products in those kits weren’t satisfactory. Either kulang ng wet wipes or magaspang ang face towel or ang nipis ng toilet paper. So in the end, not a very good buy at all.

Since I needed to prepare grooming kits for my two sons, let me share with you what I picked for them: the Sanicare hygiene kit.

Why Sanicare? First, kasi matagal na naming ginagamit ang Sanicare. As in years upon years! And we like how it’s affordable, available everywhere, and quality product talaga. Their kitchen towels, for example, are strong yet soft and very absorbent. This applies to all their products! Second, their tagline is “The Hygienic Choice.” As a mom, I need to be sure that my kids use products that are clean, pure, sanitary, and all its other synonyms!

Let me do a review of the Sanicare hygiene kit.

1. Here’s what’s inside:

I like that it’s already in a circular/tubular bag. Tamang-tama para sa toilet paper! It’s compact and small so it doesn’t take up too much space. And I like that the kit is portable. I’m placing this in the car, too!

2. I like these Sanicare hankies. They’re soft and smooth. They feel clean. You know how some tissues feel like they’re tree bark? Well, these feel like… hankies!

3. The toilet paper is 2-ply with a new embossed design. That’s not just a design, it makes the paper stronger do it won’t tear at the crucial moments!

4. The toilet seat cover… I dunno. I’d rather just wipe the seat with the antibacterial wipe, you know? It does look cute. I can’t figure out what it’s made of. It looks like plastic but crumples like paper. But it’s 100% biodegradable. So I think it’s like a really sturdy Japanese paper.

5. My favorite: The antibacterial cleansing wipes! Like the tissue paper, the wipes are also embossed, which makes each sheet stronger. Yes, even though it looks almost transparent, it’s matibay. And I like that it’s soft, like real cloth.

It smells refreshing—not feminine, not masculine, not masyadong mabango. And what I really like about the wipes is it’s paraben-free. I’m switching to products devoid of harmful chemicals so I’m happy that even the wipes that we use are now safer than ever!

So there you have it! My hygiene kit of choice. Of course I had to add a bottle of alcohol because I’m extra maarte that way. The Sanicare hygiene kit is available at Hi-Top, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, and Fishermall. Other grocery shops and department stores will carry it soon, too. Grab a kit!

For more information, visit the Sanicare Facebook page, email, or follow Sanicare on Instagram.

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