SCPA to install Solar Panels in new Taguig Office Building

3 / 30 / 2017

Photo: (L-R) SAE’s Alexander Braiser with Claudia Perrine and Atty Kitzi Roxas and SCPA’s Lea Pacis, Ven Sio and Rene Sio

Taguig City —  Recently, tissue paper company Sanitary Care Product Asia Inc, signed a build lease transfer agreement with Sanctuary Alternative Energy Philippines (SAE), to install a photovoltaic system with total power generating capacity rated at approx 300 kW in its new office building in Taguig.

The decision to do a build lease transfer (BLT) arrangement as opposed to outright purchase of the solar system was made to hedge the substantial investment risk. Apart from a lower capital outlay, the utility savings acts as shared profit for both sides after the payback period. The BLT also rewards the performance of the lessor (SAE) by having them charge only based off generated power; thus, they are incentivized to keep the system running optimally and maintain it properly. There is a natural degradation of the panels over time (1% per year).

“Our roof actually acted as our limit for the energy generation. The system will be at 264kwh from our average usage of about 750-800,” says Ven Sio, president of SCPA.

The installation of the system is expected to be finished by January 2016. SCPA is looking to install solar panels in its Dapdap property as well.


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